Evolved Movement is more than an exercise class, it is a safe space for “releasing“ through movement and giving your heart self love. Whether you join for a weekend retreat or a series of classes, my goal is for you to feel empowered, connected, and authentically YOU.

Intentional movement.

for the soul & body.

you deserve time for yourself

Let's flow together

Evolved Movement is for you if...

you Know you need to make more time for yourself & need to commit to make it happen.

you Enjoy being around other empowering women.

you Are craving something deeper – connection, better understanding yourself, and learning how to express yourself from within.

you Are ready to get a little silly, laugh, cry, and feel like YOU.

you Have practiced yoga for years, or are just starting out – Kristy will meet you where you are at.

- Miranda

The power of Kristy’s classes comes from her ability to evoke your emotions while giving you the tools to release whatever comes up. She’s a thoughtful communicator, using cues that give you a loose framework to follow & freedom to move in whatever way feels right in your body. I found Kristy’s classes when I was at a stuck point in my body. I was uninspired by typical “beach body” classes and knew I needed more than simple yoga classes. I had heard the term “embodiment” before but was lost when it came to being in my body while exercising (most of the time I exercised in order to disconnect from my body and mind!) The accessibility of Kristy’s classes were my first step in deepening my connection to embodiment and feeling empowered through movement.

- Sarah

First of all, wow. Please stop and recognize for just a moment how amazing, powerful, and influential you are! What a great “program” you have created (I hate the connotations that come with the word program, but I am going to use it here). You are a gift to your participants, to your community (of women and larger community and community of yoga/dance/fitness/whatever). You have a talent for creating and connecting. What you are doing is not easy. It takes a drive that comes from something inside you—an innate sense of your gifts and talents that you may or may not fully realize.

It is a necessary part of my week. Being together and feeling the energy that you pull out of all of us is a powerful healing experience. You are a gifted healer in your practice.

- Jamie

- Jeanette C

Thank you for that amazing class. I needed it so much. I closed my eyes through most of it and really got into the movements. I cried when we put our hands on our bodies. I held myself, hands over my body for a long time swaying as I took my hands off my chest I could still feel the warmth of my hands and the coolness around it. It was pretty powerful for me something I never felt before. I pushed away every negative energy that has been surrounding me the past few weeks. I flushed it away and really could feel it leaving me as I welcomed the positive energy into my heart. I feel like a thousand pounds has been lifted. 



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